2014 Classics and Chrome Raffle

The purchase of a raffle ticket(s) allows you the chance to win one of several fantastic cash prizes, but on a larger scale, you are pledging support to Keith Country Day School’s student scholarship fund and academic  program enhancements.  The mission of our school is to  Prepare  Children for Lives of Meaning and Purpose.

 Annual Grand Raffle
Grand Prize ~ $30,000
2nd Prize ~ $2,000

3rd Prize ~ $1,000

Drawing will be held on April 13, 2014.

Raffle ticket costs are one ticket for $100 or six tickets for $500.  Tickets can be purchased at the show.

Super 50/50 Raffle Win 50% of tickets sold!!!

50/50 raffle tickets are $1 each.  The amount of the drawing will be updated regularly.  The total will be posted at or websites.  The drawing for the Super 50/50 Raffle will be held Saturday, April 13, 2014.

Number of 2014 Classics and Chrome Raffle Tickets to be Puchased:
Number of 50/50 Raffle Tickets to be Puchased:
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No refunds will be made for any raffle tickets sold. All sales are final.

Privacy Policy, and Terms of Conditions

This is not an Internet gambling site. All business transactions/operations of this raffle take place exclusively in Winnebago County. This raffle is being conducted in accordance with the Raffles Act, 230 ILCS 15/et seq. and the Winnebago County Raffle Ordinance. Furthermore, this raffle is licensed in and by Winnebago County. All funds are held in private accounts of the Keith Country Day School. All proceeds, after printing and marketing expenses, will be used for the Student Scholarship Fund and to enhance academic programs.
If all 900 tickets are not sold for the Grand Raffle, prizes will be adjusted to reflect the percent of tickets sold. Example: If 450 tickets are sold prizes will be 50% of the total stated above.